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  • Arcitechtural Class by JP O'Neill

    As with my previous picture, this is an aged black and white image taken about 20 years ago. The deterioation of the print has added so much to an oth...
  • River City by Margaret Ryan

    I love the documentary and watched it at the Philharmonic. It is reminiscent of a Liverpool lost, yet still here in our hearts and minds. The river...
  • Drowning in Bootle by Alison Green

    I met him at Butlins, Pwhelli in 1970. All the Bootle boys were there for the season in those days. Not that I’d ever heard of Bootle, nor met...
  • Birkenhead - Ferry in the 1960s

    Views of the ferries from this era, showing the Royal Iris and sister ship Royal Daffodil. Backing music by the Scaffold - the Liver Birds
  • Two Birds One City

    Picture taken 2010 Photographer- Andrew Millington