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Many of these young unknown soldiers were taken from Saint Edwards reformatory/ orphanage and put in a boarding school. As  the name says it was St. Edwards remand home and I believe, but am not sure if it was on Menlove Avenue, in Liverpool. In the late forties early fifties it was turned into a remand home.

But back to the football team, they look well they must have been getting three meals a day. I wonder where the cup went and who has it now? Fran’s great grandson asked if Grandad sat on the benches. Then I realized there are two coaches sat with these boys, and St Ed’s orphanage didn't have teachers until the Abuse Act came into being in 1948. Thirty three unknown soldiers, two teachers… they must have had two rugby sides. I could be wrong they might have had three football teams and if they did; no wonder they won the cup… but I'm glad for them and they all seem to be smiling. Notice the word under Saint Ed’s. H. M. C. I don't need to tell you what that means. The other words or letters I don't know.


Some time I'm going to tell you about St George’s Hall and what it was used for and why and it does not favour the people who worked in this monolithic building. All they’ve done is turn it in to a killing field for lost souls. The place should be pulled down, or be used and a historic and humanities centre and tell the truth what really happened in the place and the names of those that plagued it.



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