I was born in Mill road hospital on the 6th november 1956.I lived at number 20 with my mam and dad (Doris and Stan Amos)My gran Jinny,and grandad (Jane and John Speed.My Aunties(Joyce,Iris and Audrey Speed).My other grandparents were George and Emma Amos.My dad went to sea with the Blue Funnel line.I remember he brought me a rabbit that worked by batteries,it used to jump and the eyes used to light up.I can still remember the big black range that was in the back and the tin bath hanging on the wall outside in the yard.My sister was born in this house in 1958.I was christened in St Benedicts church.I am linda the eldest daughter of Stan and Doris.I used to cry my eyes out when my dad went to sea.He would bring me dresses from the states and was spoilt i suppose. My mam and dad were married in St benedicts and her wedding dress was lovely. My sister was called Bunty.It was a nickname when she was little and it stuck.I remember the Guy family, as my mam used to take me in their house.It is a shame that all these little communities were broken up.My grannie went to live in Huyton. I remember me mam taking me down Desmond street just before it was all demolished.,it was so sad. My grandad worked at the Royal Court Theatre and he met Tommy Steele once,he gave him a present,my grandad used to bring stage make-up home for the girls as well.My grannie used to take us to see the Orange Lodge parades and she used to take us for sweets at a little shop,can't remember the name of it now. Our Joyce used to make us laugh, she told us that the binmen were on strike once and that they used elephants to empty the grannie said she must have dream't it,but our Joyce was adamant that it really happened. My dad come home from sea once and he'd grown a beard,it was late when he came home and he climbed through the window,my grandad heard a noise and picked the poker up,it was dark and my dad shouted ''Jack, its me Stanley'',my grandad was going to hit him with it.......ha ha.



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