My husband Donald and his brother Derek both were placed into the care of the Brothers of Charity in 1939. Donald was in the Band and played the Base E Flat. The band master was a 'Mr Pollock' from Belgium. During the war years the Band played in ammunition factories and in march pasts. It was then known as St Edward's Silver Prize Band and became very famous around Liverpool. The Brothers were firm, but fair. Unfortunately, Donald did get '6 of the best with the whalebone' in front of all the other boys.

At the age of 14 he was put to work in the Orphanage Market Garden. The manager was a retired farmer, Peter Ashcroft, a wonderful man.

In due course he left the Orphanage and worked on various farms in Wales and around Liverpool, before leaving Great Britain in 1949 for Australia, where he still happily resides.



By Anne Hartley Anne Hartley

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