When I was a child my parents would take me every weekend to visit my respective grandparents in the Dingle, Liverpool.8.We would travel by bus from our flat on the newly built Lee Park Estate in leafy Gateacre. First stop my dads parents in Dingle House one of 3 large Tenement blocks situated off South Hill Road, Liverpool.8.we had lived there for a short time before being rehoused in Lee Park. My grandmother always had a dinner ready for us, usually a Broiler chicken and vegetables, a big pot of tea and ginger cake to follow. My parents would then catch up on local gossip with my grandparents. At 4pm my parents would then leave to visit my maternal grandparents who lived in Byles Street off Park Road, at 5pm my paternal grandfather would walk me to the GAUMONT cinema to view the first house show afterwards we would walk back home to Dingle House were my grandmother would have oxtail soup ready if it was winter months or a prawn sandwich (from the Of Time and the City website community) If this is your story and you would like to associate it with your People's Stories account, please let us know at