St Edwards Orphanage Had A Wonderful Band (1927)

This is the story of my father.  My father was in the band and he would tell me the band would follow the may processions around Liverpool and that when the orphan lads would pass St. Mary’s of the angels the crowd would all give them a big cheer...the lads in the band all left St Edwards orphanage at sixteen and joined the army father would say that he watched most of the band die on a green field in France ...he would say that those lads were forgotten the second they hit the ground…no family to mourn every xmas my father would raise his glass and toast the boys of St Edwards boys band as he never forgot them so I thought it would be nice to write a song about the band as my way of remembering those fallen lads and hopefully those Liverpool orphan lads will not be forgotten. ...WRITTEN AND PERFORMED BY TONY FLANAGAN



By tony flanagan tony flanagan

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