I read a story about Leyfield Convent and a child called Nora’s son. A moving story and memories of a childhood, so I know there are a few mistakes but all the names were correct. It's a long time since Fran told me his story but I have it on tapes and I look after his widow now, who is called Joy. He used to say it was the biggest Joy of his life. But to get back to you; you might remember having a white cup and giving Fran a drink out of it as he sat in the middle of the front yard with his friend Tim who also had blond hair. Now I'm going to test your memory not that it's needs it, but I also forget some details of my childhood. I know you were at St Ed’s orphanage but remember the room where you slept was it to the left of the stairs or to the right? Both sides had small rooms, and the dormitories had ten boys in each. Yet the convent had long bedrooms rooms. I have a photo of the convent building, also the nursery that they called Broughton Hall. It had a dapple grey had a rocking horse in it.

Can you remember the boys yard and the girls yard and when you were outside and it rained; what did you stand under?, was not the toilets at the far end of it.

.My name is Frank and my brother is called Willie, he hated the name so we called him Tramp because he always had the back of his shirt hanging out. At Saint Ed’s can you remember Hans and Sandy? Sandy played in the band Mr Murphy was bandmaster. I tell you these facts so you can look back not to hurt you but for you to remember.



By fran street fran street

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