St Edwards Orphanages Football Team
My Father would always tell us about his time playing in the st edwards orphanages football team...and how they won the cup and beat every team they played....he would always say that he got his picture taken with the cup and that he would love to find that picture...not long after my father died i opened the liverpool echo and there was the photograph of the orphanages team proudly displaying the cup they had won....and there on the front row second from the right was my father..arms folded with a look of great pride on his face..i was absolutley stunned....I think the photo was taken early thirties and i must admit to feeling a small tear trickle down the side of my cheek as i looked at dads proud face on that very old very dear photograph of him and his team mates..maybe somebody else will recgonise there loved one on wouldnt that be wonderful....all the best...tony flanagan



By tony flanagan tony flanagan

This story was added on 22nd February 2011

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