My name is John Ellis and I was born in Liverpool (1942) off Prince Edwin Street and I have such fond memories of the whole area. We lived a in a court with the normal outside water and toilet. My Great Grandmother use to sell the papers outside Exchange street Station, I can remember her but nobody ever talked about her she was called Margaret Tinsley.(nee Brannigan)
I can remember when Roy Rodgers came to Liverpool and he stayed at the "Adelphi Hotel" and his horse stayed at the police stables up by Crown Street. As I got a bit older we used to be around town and play on the bombed sites or as the said then "the holla".
There`s lots more I can remember back the, seeing all the African seamen coming to Great Homer Street Market to buy second hand clothes, back then the use to be stored on the ground in bundles-no stalls then
Ally our Family lived of Scotland Road
I went to All Souls school in Collingwood street



By John Ellis John Ellis

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