Jason Isaacs - inspirations
Born to Jewish parents in Liverpool in 1963, Jason Isaacs has gone on to forge a successful career in acting. It's difficult to recognise him without a long, silvery wig in the shape of 'Lucius Malfoy' from the 'Harry Potter' series, isn't it?

As 'Harry Potter' has certainly been the high point in Isaacs' career, that certainly isn't the only thing that he is contributed to the world of film.

Early roles of his include films from the 90s, such as fantasy film 'Dragonheart', science-fiction 'Event Horizon' and Hollywood blockbuster 'Armageddon', acting alongside A-listers such as Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck.

This century he has gone on to become more popular, receiving critical acclaim as the villain from Mel Gibson vehicle, 'The Patriot', appearing in Ridley Scott's war film 'Black Hawk Down', as well as playing 'Captain Hook' in a 2003 adaptation of 'Peter Pan'.

The 'Harry Potter' franchise surely took front and centre in his career, but don't expect him to be forgotten about now those films have ended, as a number of films are soon to come out with him adding talented firepower to them.