A postcard became wedged behind the wirework cage and the post boxes' cast-iron interior wall. It was written by someone named John to someone called Paul
It lay there undiscovered for over fifty years, until some leaves blew into the letter box and it had to be cleared. The postman who emptied the box looked at the stamp and the price of 4d and then he read out the date.
He could hardly believe his eyes-so he called out to his mate
'Hey, look at this! There's a postcard here, looks like it's from John Lennon to Paul McCartney!'
'How do you work that one out?' asked his sceptical partner
'Look, he mentions his Aunt Mimi and going to the USA!'
'Well, this post box is only two houses down from Mendips, that's all I can say!' said the second postman
'I got a feeling that this could be worth something, even a bob or two!' The first postman went out on a limb
'Yes, but it is still Royal Mail, it belongs to The Queen and not to the likes of me and you!' The second postman reminded him
'Ah, but the Royal Mail has been sold off by The Government to the highest bidder! So I think we should keep this for ourselves, what do you think, kidder? We could say we found it in the street! You know the saying, Finders keepers, losers weepers!'
The first postman thought about it for a moment or three
The second postman said, 'We could ask Spencer Leigh!'
The first postman said, 'What's that auction house in London called where they sell off all of The Beatles' stuff? But then we couldn't prove it was ours, they'd only call our bluff!'
'Better give it to The Boss when we get back and see what he has to say', the second postman opined
They got back into the van and drove toward Mendips
The Magical Mystery Tour bus driver was helping the tourists back onto the bus and hoping for some tips!
As they passed the house the second postman thought he saw a familiar face looking out from behind a bedroom window blind
The wind began to blow the fallen leaves in eccentric elliptical circles across Menlove Avenue toward the bright red King George era pillar box



By Briant Briant

This story was added on 1st September 2014

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