Liverpool Timeslips
"In 1996, a husband and wife decided to go to Waterstones the bookseller in Bold Street. The wife walked on ahead while her husband went into another shop. When her husband was ready to join her, he looked over at Waterstones. Or, to be more accurate, he looked over at where he expected to see Waterstones. But where their name should have been, he saw the name 'Cripps'. Puzzled, he was about to cross the street when the honking of an old fashioned motor horn stopped him. To his amazement, a van with the name 'Caplin's' on the side, sped past him. He was even more suprised when he looked around at the few other vehicles in the street - all of which seemed old fashioned. The pedestrians too were dressed in Forties/Fifties style clothes - the men in raincoats and hats and the women in full skirts, with permed hair or head scarves.

In the shop that should have been Waterstones book shop, he saw handbags, women's shoes, umbrellas - but no books. Then he realised he wasn't alone. A woman standing next to him, dressed in modern clothes, was staring in equal disbelief.

'I thought they sold books here,' she said.

'So did I,' he replied.

The woman turned and went on her way and the man entered the shop, where normality was resumed. His wife stood there surrounded by books.
The Lyceum - photo by John Bradley wikimedia commons
It transpires that this was by no means the only occurrence. Frequent accounts of people slipping back minutes, years or decades began in the 1950s. The epicentre of this paranormal activity appears to be around Central Station in the area around Waterstones and the Lyceum."

So, why Bold Street?

Liverpool is built on sandstone which contains quartz and creates a strong magnetic field which, it is said, can affect the human mind and indeed time itself. Einstein himself reported that time is dependent on the viewer and can go in any direction. The railway also plays a part as Central Station is right there, at the heart of the most affected area, giving off a very powerful electrical force.

Bold Street is not unique in this type of phenomena in Liverpool. Similar cases have been reported in Dale Street and elsewhere, but Bold Street is unique in the wealth of reports generated.



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