Egerton Street Birkenhead by Tony McCarthy
I suppose this makes me a woolyback! However, this is me sitting alongside my pram in Egerton Street, Birkenhead in 1961. Egerton Street was just down from the entrance to the Queensway Tunnel near to Cammell Lairds shipyard. As a youngster I can remember the excitement as a throng of men came up the street each evening past our house after they'd clocked off from work. My dad worked at Lairds and I recall wating for him on Thursday evening's when he'd hand over his paypacket to me to pass onto my mum whilst he went off for a pint.

My brother tells a story about this pram when he and a mate used it as a go kart (with me still in it), riding down Egerton Street only to crash into a kerb and send me flying out. They both legged it of course leaving me to be rescued by a neighbour.

Tony McCarthy

(from the Of Time and the City website community)

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