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Tony, look at the collars under the football shirts. Now have a look at the teachers. The teachers never came into existence until 1948, and the school was prefabs at the back of the third block of St Edwards’s orphanage. There were three prefabs, the brothers took over running of these until they got teachers from outside the orphanage to come. Before 1948 the three things that kept the boys busy were firstly the band run by the kindest man who came to the orphanage, secondly the farm which was owned or ran by Mr. Close, who had another farm near Russell Hall School near Fleetwood, and thirdly all the chores of cleaning inside all the buildings. There is another picture of these footballers dressed in school uniform; when I have enlarged it I will put it on the site. David, I am going to write about Leyfield as Fran saw it but I wont mince words. My job when I was working didn't allow for it. Tony, I don't know whether you have the photo of them most of these boys came from St Ed’s orphanage and were taken to the boarding school. Other private pupils came from outside. Cool Hill had an orphanage but I would like to know where this was and were this photo was taken. Yet it looks like the same building but I know its not. I know they had another orphanage boarding school in Liverpool but I’m still trying to find out where it was. I hope this clears a bit of the mess up. This photo belongs to all the boys in the picture and their families; they have a right to it and not to other people’s private collections.




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