Being born in Waterloo in the 50's, I felt we were very lucky, we had the sand, sea, decent parks and didn't really have to go far for entertainment. In the summer my brother and I used to go to the beach and play and if we were needing extra sweet money we used to go and collect the full swing lemonade bottles that people had left and take them back to the shop and would receive a couple of coppers back and then spend it on the penny tray. In Gt. Georges Road there were no flats or maisonettes but shops and big old houses, there was a dairy, chandlers, chip shop, hairdressers, maintenance/builders shop, sweet shop and (the old pubs which are still there). We also had a lot of fun when we all used to visit the Winter Gardens on church road, waterloo (this is now the Christian centre)when it was a cinema but then it became a type of dance hall and we won a few dance competitions here, this was opposite the church that was on Olive road and church road, cannot remember the name of it (now sadly demolished) and was also opposite the hairdressers and this ever so tiny sweet shop, if there were more than three people in here the shop owner would tell you to wait outside, wow happy times. Also South Road with the butchers on the bridge, tobacconist, dees café, Newtons the stationers on the corner, then woolworths, currys, coopers supermarket on the opposite side of the road, further down south road was the record shop with the wooden booths where you would listen to your records before buying. Near the top was the posh shop Passmores where you got your school uniform stuff from and haberdashery for school and the huge rocking horse they had in there was fantastic. How times have changed in this lovely little town. I remember bank corner with the banks on every corner, timpsons the shoe shop, freeman hardy willis shoe shop. Our mum taking us to currys to see father Christmas. If any one has any pics of the winter gardens in waterloo please would you put them on here please, would be nice to see the old place again.



By Sammy Sammy

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