Peter Serafinowicz - inspirations
Born in Liverpool in 1972, and living there until his thirties, Peter Serafinowicz (try spelling that without the help of Google!) didn't manage to break into the film and television industries until the late 90s.

Most will first remember seeing him in only a few episodes of Edgar Wright's and Simon Pegg's cult television comedy series 'Spaced'. But that was all that was needed to see that he had acting potential and definite comic chops, and has since appeared in British films such as 'Shaun of the Dead', 'Sixty Six' and 'Killing Bono'. He even had a BBC series of his own sketch show, creatively titled - 'The Peter Serafinowicz Show'.

And what a voice! If anything, he has formed a career through voice acting in a wide variety of roles - American animated sitcoms 'South Park', 'American Dad!' and 'Archer'. Video games such as 'Assassins Creed III'. And of course, most notably voicing 'Darth Maul' in 'Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace'. The film may have been a let down, but how many people can say that they have been in 'Star Wars'?