New Brighton Tower 1900s
Post card of New Brighton Tower Wirral UK in the 1900s
New Brighton Tower was a 567 feet (173 m) lattice-steel observation tower at New Brighton, on the Wirral Peninsula in England. Work began on 22 June 1896 and was completed four years later. Unlike the similar Blackpool Tower, the 1,000 tonne New Brighton tower had an octagonal cross section. The tower had a chequered history, six workmen were killed and another seriously injured during its construction. A young man committed suicide by jumping from the balcony shortly after the tower's opening. On completion it was the highest building in the country.
The tower had a relatively short life. During World War I it was closed to the public and a lack of maintenance caused the steel superstructure to rust. Between 1919 and 1921 the tower was dismantled. A ballroom beneath the tower played host to many famous acts, including Little Richard and The Beatles[citation needed], but it was destroyed by fire in 1969. The area where New Brighton Tower once stood has since been redeveloped as River View Park.Un-quote:-.
I won a tatant contest with The Bill Gregson Band in the Tower Ballroom got 2 guinies as first prize. 1953



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