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Where Exactly Is Liverpool’s World Heritage Site


Maritime Mercantile City, Liverpool was designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO in the month of March 2004. It stands as a living example of Britain’s finest cultural landscapes. It has 6 main regions that attract attention to the place and helped confer itself the Heritage Site title.

The Pier Head

Collectively called the Three Graces, the Cunard building, Port of Liverpool building and the Liver building are the focal points of Liverpool’s waterfront. They stand proudly on the skyline boasting of the immense wealth of Liverpool in the 19th and 20th century when it was one of the busiest ports in the world. Even though a fourth ‘grace’ was planned titled ‘The Cloud’ and even designed by architect Will Alsop, it did not get built. However many other attractions are present in the Pier Head, namely the Egyptian architecture stylized art deco George’s Dock Ventilation Tower situated behind the Port of Liverpool Tower, the Museum of Liverpool and the old George Dock’s Wall.

The Pier Head

The Albert Dock

Towards the south of the Pier Head is situated the Albert Dock which is a complex of dock buildings and warehouses. The Albert Dock warehouses were the first in the world to be entirely fireproof, for they were completely made of brick, stone and iron with not the slightest trace of wood. It was designed by Jesse Hartley and Philip Hardwick in 1846. This port is also the first dock in the world to use hydraulic cranes.

The Stanley Dock Conservation Area

North of the Stanley Dock Conservation Area and houses large docking areas. There are several famous docks in this area, namely Collingwood Dock, Salisbury Dock, Clarence Graving Dock, Stanley Dock among others. It is worth mentioning that two of the Clarence Graving Docks built in 1830 are still in use today.

Duke Street Conservation Area

Also known as the Ropewalks, the Duke Street Area comprises 2 warehouses on College Lane and Bluecoat Chambers on School Lane. This was among the first parts of Liverpool to develop due to its close proximity to Old Dock, one of the busiest docks in the 18th and 19th century.

The Commercial Quarter

This part of the World Heritage Site is an ode to medieval Liverpool, when it was a commercial hustle-bustle of sailors, fishermen and the like. Even today, it is one of the most commercially active regions of the city.

Conservation Area

The William Brown Street Conservation Area

The William Brown Conservation Area is the central point of many civic buildings in the city and therefore rightfully termed the cultural quarter. Some of the main buildings of this area include the Walker Art Gallery, St. George’s Hall, Lime Street, the Queensway tunnel among others.

Robert Edwards: Moments of Madness

Robert Edwards

The school board had clearly planned events so that the lessons requiring experiments were provided with adequate time for the experimental theory to be developed and the message was, hypothetically at least, driven home with the practical demonstration of the principles which had been enunciated. The theory had much to recommend it. In practice, the theory ignored the special traits of our physics teacher, Miss Hill, who insisted that her young charges spend the whole double lesson vertical, not so much in the belief that it encouraged concentration but rather that little boys were less inclined to let their small hands stray into mischief when standing with no intervening obstacles, such as desks, to obscure the evidence. By now, well into the second half of the lesson, small legs were cramping, feet were starting to develop pins and needles and the lesson was becoming a feat of endurance, as we feared that it would.

To attend her classes was to strive mightily in order to avoid the slightest provocation which might incur the wrath of our warden and invite detentions and the summonses to write punishment lines, usually 50 or 100, of suitable self correction, such as “I must not yawn in class”, or “I must not spill ink on my notebook”. The number of pupils led by the ear to the Vice-Principal’s office to await a caning were too numerous to count. We were not hoodwinked by the alligator smiles that she wore for Parents’ Night, or for her colleagues, for we had all too frequently witnessed that explosive temper in full expression and felt the power of its will. The subject on the agenda on this afternoon session was based on the principle of moments, that is the leverage effect of force times distance and Miss Hill was set up to demonstrate the experiment which we were intended to carry out during our next lesson.

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Tall Ships Return to Liverpool

Ships Return

The new regatta, featuring ships from that event, is expected to attract about 450,000 visitors to the city.

The international crews will parade in the city and a number of ships will be open to the public.

Peter Cardy, chief executive of Sail Training International, said: “Liverpool has a rich maritime history and has been a great friend to sail training which has helped to develop a strong willingness throughout the Tall Ships family to return to the city.

“We hope that the Irish Sea Tall Ships Regatta could become a recurring fixture in the busy calendar of events that is enjoyed by the residents of Liverpool as well as the many visitors to this fantastic city.”

Like photography? The ‘People’s City’ Competition and Exhibition is for you!

Liverpool City

PLACED are looking for images that illustrate people’s relationship with Liverpool’s empty buildings for our new Hidden Liverpool ‘People’s City’ competition and exhibition – the first major event of Hidden Liverpool project.

The competition isn’t just about taking shots of empty buildings; we’re looking for photos that show what Liverpool’s built heritage means to people living in and visiting the city.

Entries will be judged by a panel with representatives from Open Eye, Liverpool Vision, Seven Streets, Hope Street Hotel and PLACED and a Winner and Highly Commended will be chosen for each category. These will be displayed alongside some of the best entries in the ‘People’s City’ exhibition in late November, to be held in the old Royal Blind School on Hope Street.

The competition is open to everyone with three categories; under 18, amateur and professional. The closing date is the 3rd November 6pm.

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Latest Changes in Liverpool city by 2021


Although 2020 was marked as the year for the spread of the coronavirus, the city of Liverpool hasn’t set back on its ideas and plans for renovating and revamping the city in 2021. In this article, let’s find out the significant change in the city’s look and the administration that is going to set the tone for the upcoming years.

King’s Dock

The city of Liverpool comprises of the recently built Wind-swept car park. In today’s entertainment and fun-loving world, this destination or holiday destination if you will, is known as the award-winning area for the conference complex. This year, Liverpool council is looking forward to finishing their final phases of construction to mark a remarkable transformation. They have purchased land of 7.56 acres which comprises of prime waterfront development land, seven underdeveloped plots which range from 0.45 acres to a maximum of 2.8 acres. The council is also taking measures to deliver multiple and individual plots for higher-quality leisure use. The Liverpool city council also has set foot to seeking funding land ideas from different parties, which have a more incredible experience in delivering high-quality city planning with greater precision to the landmark screens.

King’s Dock

Isle of Man Ferry and the new Link Road

The city of Isle of Man and ferry is located a few miles upriver from the cruise terminal. It is a 38 million pound developmental area, that is funded by the Isle of Man government for various projects. The terminal, which is just half a mile from the river is taken out once for use every summer and this facility should be completed by 20201, according to estimates. It is a development of worth 3.2 million pounds whose cost is determined by the regional economy, which is mainly for the developmental opportunities of the dockland. In addition to this expansion and renovation, the construction of a link road has made heads turn. This project is an additional worth of seven million dollars, which is again funded by the Liverpool city council. These funds are extracted as a part from the 500 million pound betterment of Roads Programme in the city.

Isle of Man

New Cruise Liner terminal

The planning approval for this new terminal is just in place and is also combined with authority funding. However, the Liverpool City Council is still waiting for support for the Marine Management organization, to allow for the beginning of the construction. If the permission is granted for this new terminal project, then the site works will begin by the summer of 2021. It is a 10,000 square feet terminal, which is suspended on the miles of river, which spans two floors. The planning will comprise of a baggage hall on the ground floor, a passage lounge, café and the check-in rooms for the passengers on the first floor. It can carry a total of 2,560 passengers.

Recent Activities that Took Place in Liverpool, before Anywhere Else


Liverpool is a city that boasts its famous history and also holds one of the most renowned teams in Football. If you’ve ever visited the city, then you’re probably aware of its beauty and cannot help but notice some of the unique creations and innovations in the area you’re around.

It is a city that comprises of the most listed buildings in entire London, which also contributes to one of their rich cultural heritage. The achievement of the government in recent years highlights much more than the bricks and mortars in the place.


In this article, we’ve highlighted the changes that took place in the city over the years, that has shaped this beautiful city.

    • The Lyceum library that is present on the Blod Street was once opened in 1758, and now it is marked as the first subscription Libraries in entire England.
    • A Liverpool physician and dietitian discovered the link between sugar and diabetes in the region when one of his fellow patients companied of not having sweet.
    • It was Lita Roza, a woman from Liverpool, who was the first one to top all the UK single charts, along with ‘How Much is that Doggy in the Window?’
    • The first footballer to score a hattrick three different tournaments in different international tournaments.
    • The first Chinese newspaper was first published in Liverpool, whose legacy is still being continued in the city, on the instruction by the government.
    • The first world puzzle was produced in the city of Liverpool, by Arthur Wynne. This appeared in the headlines of the New York Times and the New York World.
  • Royal Liver Building
    • The clock face of the Royal Liver Building was fist started by the Liverpool Vernet, during the precise moment of coronation of King Geroge V.
    • The city also boasts the construction and the possession of the world’s largest tobacco warehouse which is now present at the Stanely Dock.
    • The first-ever overhead railway was opened in 1893 in Liverpool, which has now been re-constructed and re-vamped by the government authorities. This is also regarded as the first-ever railway in England that was elevated electrically with the use of automation to automate the signals and all the electric colours. ORIGINALLY, it consisted of the first passenger who claimed to the front door of the railway with the use of an escalator.

  • A Liverpool engineer named John Brodie first introduced the use of football nets, which is still being used in most of the football matches. Despite so many variations and updates in the game, it is still used as it is even today.

Everyone loves chess and thanks to Liverpool for introducing the world to the first chess club in the world as a whole, which is initially located in England.

20 Of The Most Influential People From Liverpool


Liverpool is home to some of the most influential people in the world. Here is a short list of the most well known people from Liverpool.

The Beatles

One of the most influential pop culture artists of all time, the Beatles is one of the most celebrated music bands in the history of mankind. There are hardly any music lovers who haven’t heard the names John Lennon, Paul McCarthey, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. They are the best selling musicians in the history of mankind, with an estimated sale of 800 million digital and physical albums worldwide. They are the single largest selling musicians in both the United Kingdom and the United States of America. And to top it all odd, the Beatles made it to the Times Magazine Top 100 Influencers of all time.

The Beatles

Angela Eagle

Calling herself a ‘difficult woman’, Angela Eagle was a Member of Parliament representing the Labour Party from Wallasey, holding her sitting seat for a clean 25 years. She was a strong advocate for the LGBT+ community, coming out as lesbian herself in 1997, making her the first Member of Parliament to ever do so. She was always a powerful and intellectual political figure, standing fr gay rights, gender equality and other important issues in her time as MP.

Carla Lane

The writer of several tv shows like Butterflies and Bread, The Liver Birds etc. Carla Lane was often described as “the writer who dared to make women funny”. Her body of work shows a strong affinity towards powerful women, especially frustrated housewives and working class matriarchs. Her show Bread was the third most viewed series on British television beaten only by EastEnders and Neighbours.

Dixie Dean

An unassuming quiet gentleman, Dixie Dean is arguably one of the best footballers of all time. He scored a record breaking 60 goals in the first division series in 1927-28, making him one of the best footballers of the time. He was inducted into the English Football Hall of Fame in 2001.

Heidi Thomas

Screenwriter for the famous ‘Call the Midwife’ television series, Heidi Thomas is a playwright and television writer. She gained fame after winning the John Whiting Award in 1985 for her play Shamrocks and Crocodiles. She has won the Best Writer award at the UK Royal Television Awards in March 2008 for her BBC adaptation of Cranford, Best writer award at UK Broadcasting Press Guild Awards and the UK Women In Film and Television Awards conferred upon her the award Technicolor Writing Award for her contribution to the industry.

Chris Boardman

Hoylake resident Chris Boardman is a renown cyclist, and is one of the most loved athletes in Liverpool for the fact that he won Team GB’s first cycling gold medal in 72 years at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. He won three stages & wore the yellow jersey on three occasions in Tour de France and broke the world one hour record thrice.

Liverpool’S Best Cultural Institutions: Cathedrals, Caverns And Yellow Submarines

Cultural Institutions

Liverpool is one of UK’s 32 World Heritage Sites, and rightfully so. It stands as a proud reminder of the power and prowess of Liverpool as one of the most important ports and docks in the 18th and 19th century. It houses the largest collection of museums and galleries outside London and is proudly the hometown of the Beatles and UK’s largest Cathedral. Some of the best cultural institutions of Liverpool are listed below.

The Beatles Story

The people of Liverpool hold the Beatles in very high regard as they rightfully should. The Beatles Story is a museum on Albert Dock, housing rare photographs, amazing replicas, priceless memorabilia, captivating tales of the band and much more. A tour through several famous places associated with the band’s history like Matthew Street, Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane have been made into a package called The Magic Mystery Tour.

The Cavern Club

One of the most favourite venues for The Beatles, The Cavern Club is one of the most publicised music stages in British history. The Beatles played here for the first time in 1961 and has reiterated so more than a hundred times since. Today it stands as a testimony to the long running history of British music.

The Bluecoat

Liverpool’s contemporary art scene is best presented in The Bluecoat, showcasing visual art, literature, music and dance. Liverpool’s cultural hub, as it is called, is a grade 1 listed building that dates back to the 18th century. Over the years, it has been the exhibition venue for the first Post Impressionists show, the works of Pablo Picasso, Vincent Van Gogh and held performances of Bela Bartok, Benjamin Britten and Igor Stravinsky to name a few.

The Bluecoat

Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool is one of the most prestigious museums and art galleries in the United Kingdom. It shares kinship with the Tate St Ives in Cornwall, Tate Britain in London and the Tate Modern, all part of the Tate family. It has a separate section for both contemporary artist legends from the past as well for modern day practitioners. Tate Liverpool organises educational events for adults and children as well such as talks, film screenings etc.

Liverpool World Museum

The aptly named Liverpool World Museum exhibits are as vast as the world, taking visitors through millions of years of history with the help of thousands of exhibits and practical activities. People who visit can learn anything from the history of dinosaurs to all cultures of the world. It also has its own aquarium in addition to all this. And to top it off, the museum presents educational theatre performances and film screenings at the Treasure House Theatre.

Regeneration of Liverpool in 2020


As we are two months away to the beginning of the new year – 2021, 2020 has brought about drastic changes to the World itself. Although the inventions, renovations and revamping of the technology is following a gradual pace this year, considering the attention diverted to eliminating the coronavirus from the globe, Liverpool has made many transformations in this year, which has transformed the city into a city suitable for the 21st century.

Over the years, Liverpool has not only accustomed to the growth, but it has also been hugely successful, after gaining the title of the European Capital of Culture in 2008. IT made a multi-million makeover with the manufacturing of cruise ships, new dimensions in enhancing the city’s economy, new roads for all the attractions and venues. These were established over the years in addition to the world-class museums and galleries in England.


Paddington Village

It is a flagship development of the city, which when completed, will boast a 1.8msq of innovative science, technology, and health and education space. It is all set to become the next of Europe’s leading technological districts in the country and the continent as well. Space was initially occupied for the Archbishop Blanch High school, which is now wholly transformed to the development of various technological activities.  It also comprises of a 16,000 square foot of the first grade A building that is regarded as the Liverpool city region.  In addition to this tagline, it will also be considered as of the healthiest building in the UK, which is all set to open the coming year. This building will also comprise of the lower-carbon heating facility which the latest element added to the cancer centre, which will work on the latest proton beam, therapy treatment.

Pall Mall

As the A-grade office space for various public and private purposes is on its way, the government, the Kier Property and the CTP is all set to start the construction of the Pall Mall which is worth 200 million pounds. It is regarded as a project that is mainly for Liverpool’s commercial business, boasting 400,000sq ft. According to information in the blueprints of the construction, the first phase will induce as close as 281 bedrooms in hotels which are to be operated by Leonardo. The permission for this massive project, consisting of this wide square feet was granted In 2019, October. It also comprises of the Scottish Power Supply in the energy works department and the installation of a new substation. This installation is exclusively supported by the governmental authorities, including the city council of the Liverpool Strategic Investment Funds.

Pall Mall

Anfield Expansion

Liverpool’ s Anfield is one the famous destinations of Liverpool, which is home to the World and all the European Football championships, runaway Premier Leagues and also their leaders. It was expanded in 2018, by 54,000 seats. However, the project has been expanded latest to 7,000 seats at the road end. By following proper guidelines and public consultations, the third biggest premium league is all set for its new look in 2021.